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Premium Selection 25cm Memory Foam Mattress

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Discover the perfect balance of comfort and support with our Premium Selection Memory Foam Mattress, featuring a sleek 25cm thickness. Designed to enhance your sleep experience, this mattress is an excellent choice for year-round comfort. Here's what makes it exceptional:

  • Non-temperature sensitive AirFoam™: Experience a consistent cool and supportive sleeping surface, free from heat build-up.
  • Memory Foam: Enjoy the contouring benefits of memory foam for unparalleled comfort.
  • High-Density (HD) Base Foam: This layer ensures long-lasting durability and support.

You can choose between two distinct feels: Firm and Plush, catering to your personal sleeping preferences.

Our Premium Selection 25cm Memory Foam Mattress is a smart investment in your sleep quality. Sleep comfortably, wake up refreshed, and experience the difference this mattress can make in your life.

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