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We are a local Melbourne business, aiming to provide Melbournians the best service at the best price.



  • Is delivery free? How much do you charge for delivery and installation?
    Delivery is free. However, we charge for the installation on adjustable beds and furniture. We will ensure that your adjustable bed is working properly prior to us leaving, as well as a professional handover ensuring you understand how to use your new products properly.
  • Does someone need to be home to receive our new the mattress and bed?
    Products can either be handed over face to face upon delivery, or arrangements can be made in advance for products to be delivered even in the absence of someone being home to receive them.
  • Do you deliver inside the house or to a second or third story bedroom?
    We specialize in delivering and installing to all types of homes. Our warehouse is located in Melbourne, and we service Melbourne Metro daily. We are experts when it comes to multi-story homes as well as single level homes, apartments, small homes, aged care and health care facilities including nursing homes. We deliver and install our adjustable beds upstairs, a feature of Cheapest Adjustable Beds services to you, our customer. We also specialize in fragile deliveries including city apartment towers with limited access. This installation service is very popular amongst our clients.  All deliveries made by our company normally require a phone call so we can explain the detail regarding delivery and installation. We are ready to make everyone happy on the day your new bed arrives.
  • How long will it take for my adjustable bed and mattress to arrive?
    Orders of adjustable beds & mattresses typically take approximately 48 hours. Our lead times are guaranteed between 1 and 5 business days. Our bedroom furniture will fall into the same time bracket as the adjustable beds and mattresses.
  • Can I choose a specific delivery date?
    Yes, you can book a specific time and delivery date.  As a very proud family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves on being able to offer this service for our clients. Please email to request a specific time. We are happy to accommodate wherever we can.



  • Are your bed bases and mattresses ergonomically made?
    All of our equipment is designed to suit the human body, allowing the human body to rest and sleep in a natural position. At Cheapest Adjustable Beds we have the largest range of adjustable beds and mattresses so you can rest assured we have the ultimate in our range of materials and products tailored to suit your body. Our range is exclusively produced and designed to improve the way we all sleep.
  • If I have a few questions, how can I get in touch with a sleep specialist?
    The simplest way is to send us an email to or please call us on 0423 577 977.

  • How long should my mattress and adjustable base last?
    That depends on the type of model that you purchase, but we always aim to provide product that lasts a lifetime. This means that the majority of our equipment will have a life of 8-10 plus years. 

  • I have very sensitive skin. Can you help me?
    We are able to do so by reducing pressure on your sleep surface by our use of pressure through sleep surface design techniques.
  • How do I pay for my order?
    Simply pay at the checkout page using the secured payment methods provided.
  • How do I clean my mattress?
    Dry compound cleaning is the best way to clean the mattress, we do not recommend washing the cover materials of the mattress in the washing machine or use in the dryer. Using a reputable mattress cleaning service without exposing the mattress to too much moisture during that process is the best option.

  • Do I need a mattress protector?
    A mattress protector is highly recommended at all times when using our Cheapest Adjustable Beds products.  A mattress protector must be used if you want to be eligible for our 30-night comfort and support guarantee. Not using a mattress protector will void your warranty. The Cheapest Adjustable Beds mattress factories require the mattress to be hygienically clean at all times, and to keep the mattress free of any stains, a protector is the best way to do this.

  • Can I sleep on my mattress straight away?
    Yes, you can.

  • Can I use an electric blanket with my mattress on the majority of your products?
    The use of an electric blanket in conjunction with our mattress is entirely up to personal preference, allowing individuals to customise their sleeping experience based on their comfort preferences.

  • Are you a family owned Australian business?
    Yes, we are a proudly Australian owned and operated company, who proudly support and work alongside Australian manufacturers.


  • Do you have a risk-free trial period?
    We provide a 30 night comfort and support guarantee with all of our products. This guarantee allows you only one opportunity to swap the equipment during the first 30-nights for a new product. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for how to activate our 30-night comfort and support guarantee.

  • What if I change my mind or don't like the mattress even though nothing is wrong with it?
    The comfort and support guarantee does not include change of mind. If you change your mind after purchase, and there is nothing wrong with the adjustable bed or mattress, then we are unable to offer an exchange.

  • What happens to damaged or returned products?
    Returned and/or damaged products are either donated to charities or families in need as long as they are not soiled or damaged.

  • If you dispose of returned products, do you do so in a sustainable way?
    Yes, we exclusively use an approved and responsible recycling company based in Melbourne or donate ex-hire and comfort guarantee stock to those in need.

  • How long is the warranty period on my purchase?
    We provide warranties on all our product ranges.
  • How does the 30 Night comfort and support guarantee work?
    Your 30 Night Comfort and Support Guarantee begins the day you receive your new mattress. The 30 Night Comfort and Support Guarantee period allows you to be eligible for one exchange free of charge, per each mattress purchase. Adjustable bases are covered by manufacturers warranties and do not form part of the 30 Night comfort and support guarantee. Pillows, bedroom furniture and other accessory items do not have a 30 Night Comfort and Support Guarantee. You must contact Cheapest Adjustable Beds within the first 15 days after your mattress purchase to discuss any concerns you have with your mattress not being comfortable. Unless you purchase a mattress protector from Cheapest Adjustable Beds and ensure that it is always used on the mattress during the first 30 Nights after delivery, then the 30 Night Comfort and Support Guarantee does not apply and will be void.